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It’s Summer Intern Season!

Four Ways Your Business May Benefit from Hiring Students

Spring semester will be winding down, and many college students will be hunting for valuable and relevant work experience in the form of a summer internship. If they haven’t already, chances are at least one student will eye your business and ask the question: “Do you hire interns?”

Before you shrug them off, think about it for a moment. Your business might benefit from an intern in ways you haven’t considered. Here are four situations where hiring an intern may make sense.

>> 1

You like to try it before you buy it. Internship programs are a way for companies to bring in new and

>> 3

You need fresh ideas or new tech skills. When you hire an intern, they not only bring new ideas to

promising talent, see how well they do, then possibly extend a job offer.

the table, but they’ll often have valuable tech skills that you

Internships have an expiration date, so if your intern is doing great work

could benefit from as well. Remember, college students are in

and you can afford to keep them, hire them. If your intern slacks off or

an environment where they’re learning the latest and greatest

isn’t needed, you’re not obligated. Try hiring an employee, testing them

about their specific industries and majors. Why not take

out for a few months, then firing them—it’s a lot harder to do. Interns

advantage of that and let them teach you in return?

could be a valuable pipeline for the future of your workforce.

>> 2

You are passionate about being a mentor. If you feel strongly about supporting promising entrepreneurs, hire an

>> 4

You want a brand ambassador at their college. If you give an intern a great experience at your business,

chances are they’ll talk to classmates about it—and they have

intern. The type of college students seeking internships are typically

a huge pool of peers who will eventually be college graduates

talented, eager to learn and hungry for work experience, plus they’ll

looking for jobs. It’s never bad to have interns telling their

want to know what it takes to be successful like you. If mentoring

classmates that your business is a great place to work.

someone sounds appealing, hiring an intern gives you the chance to

teach someone and watch them grow.


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